Looking to bring a furry friend home for the holidays? Consider a cat and adopt this week for Whisker Wonderland!

Adopting my cat, Piccolo, has to this day been the single best decision I've ever made. Growing up, I never really had pets. My parents didn't like animals in the house--yeah, they were clean freaks--and as I moved out to college I had never experienced having a pet of my own. I did know that I HATED cats...for no god reason. After dating a girl that had one, I was all in--these little creatures are fun! Before long, I had adopted my own little kitten from about 20 miles outside of Spokane that was in foster care and ever since she has been my best friend!

You too could welcome a furry feline friend into your home, just in time for the holidays! It could be a great addition for the kids or if you're an introvert like myself, a great roommate!

Simply Cats right here in the Treasure Valley is hoping to find forever homes for all of their cats but especially some senior cats this holiday season! In fact, they're allowing their senior cats to go into great forever homes completely free of adoption charges. Bringing home a senior cat can be super fun because they've developed their personalities and just want love!  All cats in the shelter, however, are HALF OFF on adoption fees!

For more on this special, click HERE. Go adopt right MEOW!

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