Growing up in Kuna, we had a lot of neighbors and friends who owned all kinds of pets.

This was mainly due to the fact that many of these families also owned farms and/or large plots of land, so their animals had plenty of space to run freely and interact with all sorts of people and wildlife. 




It never once occurred to me that there may be laws regarding the amount of animals that each household can have, until I got older.

Not only did I learn about people who sheltered way too many animals, in a confined, neglectful environment… But I quickly discovered that Boise just doesn’t allot the same amount of space and freedom that a farm in Kuna does. 

Owning 15 pets in a small Boise home on .20 acres of land is vastly different from owning 15 pets on a 10 acre farm.

Because of this, the City of Boise has numerous laws regarding pets, as a way to protect them and prevent animal cruelty. 


How many pets can you legally own in Boise?

First and foremost, it is worth noting that Idaho Housing clearly states that these regulations do not apply to animals that are used for people with disabilities. 

However, according to the code detailed by the City of Boise, one household cannot have more than four (4) dogs or five (5) cats, or a combination of these four (4) animals, “unless the owner or person in charge first procures a noncommercial kennel license as provided by this chapter.”

If a noncommercial kennel license is procured, the maximum number of dogs, cats or combination of both allowed is ten (10) animals in total.


How do you get a license?

Apply for the license from the City Clerk, and it is for each dog over the age of 16 weeks.


What about other animals? 

The City of Boise only details how many domesticated cats and dogs each household can legally have…

But what about other pets?

Listed below are 15 pets you absolutely CANNOT own in the city of Boise.

15 Pets You CANNOT Own in the City of Boise

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