A rather funny post went up in a local Facebook group over the weekend and I just had to share it.

Yes, you know the reference of "hide your kids, hide your wife"--right?

While this woman woke up afraid because of a strange man was in bed with her--and her brother went viral for warning the community--it's a different type of warning on the streets of Boise.

To our knowledge, there isn't someone climbing through windows on the loose in our area but there ARE so real aggressive hawks.

Yes, according to one local resident, the hawks in our area are hungry and on the prowl for a snack. Don't let the snack be your little dogs or cats! Sprinkles the doggo and Garfield the kitty need some extra protection these days!

The post said:

Hide your kids...hide your wife....but more importantly hide your small 4 pound dogs like mine and also your cats. There are a ton of huge hawks in the neighborhood. I think they're here to get away from the fires. But a huge hawk just tried to divebomb my little 4 lb Chihuahua while we were walking around in the yard and got beat with a flip-flop. Lol. Just be extra vigilant when your fur babies are outside at the moment!


I can't imagine having to scare off a hawk with my CHANCLA--aka a flip flop--because of my poor Piccolo cat being attacked.  Then again, this is precisely why my cat stays inside, away from all of the dangers in the world! This particular warning came from a resident in Boise's North End.

Many local community members in the comments were posting up that they have both seen and experienced this exact same instance themselves.  Some even shared that allegedly, Idaho Fish & Game from time to time will find pet collars in local hawk nests...along with a pile of bones!

Have you ever heard of these hawks coming for our pets!? This is the first I've heard of it myself.  If you jump online, you can find protective vests for your cats and dogs so that these big bad hawks don't swoop off with your beloved, furry household member.

Be safe and smart out there, pet owners!


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