Just when you thought it was safe to have faith in the Boise Police Department, another scandal has apparently captured the attention of the local media along with Boise Mayor Lauren McLean. The story's details are emerging as multiple media outlets report that a retired captain in the Boise Police Department had ties to a white supremacy group.

It didn't take the local media and the Boise mayor to condemn the allegations and call for massive investigations. We'll let Mayor McLean detail her concerns in her social media posts.

  The media has reacted along with others throughout the country.  




Social media has eliminated the presumption of innocence. Racism or discrimination of any kind cannot be tolerated. We condemn anyone associated with racism and white supremacy.

However, where was the mayor during the reign of terror that was her police chief? The decision was so embarrassing that she had to ask him to resign. You shouldn't feel too bad for him as he walked away with almost one hundred and fifty thousand dollars.

Where was the Boise mayor when officers were injured, multiple officers resigned, and morale plummeted? Let's remember the several lawsuits that have been or will be filed in response to the calamity the Chief Lee's leadership. If KTVB's Alexandra Duggan had not broken the story, Lee would still be employed as Boise's police chief. 

It would be refreshing if the mayor and the media would've responded with the same tenacity concerning Lee's tenure as they are doing with this case. The community should have faith in its police department. Speculating on social media undermines their ability to protect and serve.

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