Have you noticed that our once-quiet Treasure Valley is developing quite the skyline? Not only in Boise but also in Eagle and other cities, new buildings are being built. With new buildings come many cranes, which means more traffic delays. 

Our vibrant community, driven by Idaho's red-hot lifestyle, is not just attracting families, but also businesses and, in some cases, entire industries to the Gem State. Remember when remote work was so popular that many experts questioned the need for commercial real estate? Our community, with its adaptability and resilience, has played a significant role in this transformation. Employers now demand workers to be on-site, leading to a rapid construction of new facilities, a testament to our community's growth and progress.

Next Step's construction progress / Brittiany G.
Next Step's construction progress / Brittiany G.

However, whether it's Boise, Meridian, Nampa, or any other Treasure Valley city, there are many empty buildings. One of the most perplexing challenges is what to do with the large retail buildings around the Boise Townsquare Mall. This is where our community's engagement becomes crucial. Let's not forget the old Sizzler as well. Together, we can find innovative solutions and breathe new life into these spaces.

These old buildings, despite their current state, hold immense potential for developers. They offer the advantages of existing infrastructure, ample parking lots, and other amenities, waiting to be revitalized and contribute to our community's growth.

Is it asking too much for commercial real estate agents, community leaders, and developers to take a second look at established buildings instead of the continued erosion of our small, magical Gem State lifestyle?

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