Idaho is one of, if not the most patriotic state in the union. Unlike other states, the Gem State community supports their country. Sunday law enforcement will reduce speeds and temporarily block access to eastbound Interstate 84 between Nampa and Mountain Home Sunday, July 25, for a motorcycle motorcade, reports ITD in a release.

The motorcycle motorcade is known as Idaho Patriotic Thunder. It's an annual fundraiser to help the Idaho Guard & Reserve, Family Support Fund, and Operation Warmheart. The ride will start at High Desert Harley Davidson and end in Mountain Home.

Here are the details and what you'll have to do to avoid the delays. 


The procession, escorted by Idaho State Police (ISP), will enter Interstate 84 at Eagle Road (Exit 46) starting at 11 a.m. ISP will begin to slow Interstate 84 traffic and restrict vehicles from entering I-84 in Nampa prior to that start time. This is being done to safely accommodate several hundred motorcyclists participating in the Idaho Patriot Thunder motorcycle ride between Eagle Road and Mountain Home (Exit 95).

Surface streets may also experience congestion as the procession passes. As the motorcade approaches each eastbound on- and off-ramp, the traveling public will not be permitted to enter, join or pass the motorcycle procession.

Personnel from ISP and multiple local law enforcement agencies from Ada and Elmore counties will monitor traffic conditions and Interstate access at the following interchanges prior to, during, and after the ride concludes in Mountain Home at approximately 12:30 p.m.

Temporarily blocked on-ramps include: Garrity Boulevard, Ten Mile Road, Meridian Road, Eagle Road, the I-184 Wye, Cole/Overland Road, Orchard Street, Vista Avenue, Broadway Avenue, Gowen Road, Eisenman Road, East Boise Rest Area, Blacks Creek Road, East Boise Port of Entry, Mayfield Road, Simco Road, I-84B/Old U.S. 30 (Exit 90) and Exit 95 in Mountain Home.

The public can also expect delays on American Legion Boulevard in Mountain Home as the ride exits the Interstate and ends in Carl Miller Park. After that time, regular traffic flow should resume.

If you'd like more information, here's their a thread from their Facebook page. 

It is time for the 11th Annual Idaho Patriot Thunder Ride!

$25 per rider for an escorted ride from High Desert Harley-Davidson to Carl Miller Park in Mountain Home, ID, commemorative patch, and breakfast here at the dealership. Day of event registration is $35.00. VIP tickets will be available and will place you at the front of the pack with other VIP riders. This space is extremely limited and we will be accepting only 15 VIP spots for $100.00.

You will get your wristband the day of the event and this year we will have online registration, payment, t-shirt preorders, and the ability to sign the waiver during the online experience.

This ride is limited to the first 1,200 motorcycles. Again, this is an escorted ride from High Desert Harley-Davidson to Carl Miller Park in Mountain Home. (55 miles each way)

This incredible event benefits Idaho Guard & Reserve, Family Support Fund, and Operation Warmheart.

Shirts are available in sizes XS-XXL.

*sizing goes up to XXL due to the high quality of shirt material.

Thank you for your continued support!

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