Idaho is looking to join several other Western States regarding the grizzly bear. Governor Brad Little has petitioned the federal government to delist the grizzly bear from federal control. Idaho follows the lead of Montana and Wyoming according to Field and Stream.  

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The governor's move results from effective management of the grizzly population, which has grown in the last few years. The states have expressed concern that the bears are now causing damage to farm animals. Governor Little and other officials state that bears are now causing more harm than wolves and mountain lions.  

"However, a combination of court cases and federal administrative changes to delisting procedures have tied the process in knots and have continued to move the delisting goal line. Recent court decisions have led Idaho to conclude that how the bears were listed nationwide back in 1975 is now standing in the way of sensible conservation and delisting."

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A challenge for Idaho's request to delist the grizzly could be how the state has handled the control of the wolves. Yale360 has called the state and other states' management of wolves 'America's New War on Wolves.' The different view from farmers and ranchers is that wolves are a clear and present danger to their livelihood.  

The move by Governor Little and other Western governors concerning the grizzly bears may not get approval from the federal government.  The Biden Administration has a more liberal policy towards federal control of animals than the Trump Administration.  Governor Little has long been a champion of the ranchers and farmers of Idaho.  Could we see a lawsuit if the feds deny Idaho a chance to take down the grizzlies?

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