It's not looking good for the Golden State as thousands of people are moving away from California. 

We've seen the influx of Californians in the Treasure Valley and the entire state of Idaho. So why are so many people leaving California? Over 138,000 residents have moved out in the last year, according to CNBC.

The Western States of Arizona, Nevada, and Texas are some of the states that native Californians are now calling home. High taxes and lack of affordable housing are two of the primary reasons why folks are leaving. The CNBC article states that lower income and some middle-income residents cannot afford to live in California.

Folks that cannot afford to rent are having trouble renting homes. The state has one of the highest cost for rentals in the entire country. Rents in cities like Los Angles and San Francisco exceed several thousands of dollars per month.

With no relief in sight, expect more Californians to find more affordable places to live.


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