Sometimes you just need to escape. Escape the ordinary, everyday life that you're living. Change things up from the day-to-day that you've been doing for the past few years. Even for a weekend, your mental health would benefit from a change of scenery. We found some really different scenery on Airbnb that are just a short drive from Boise that will help you get the escape that you're looking for.

Maybe you've always wanted to be in the Phantom of the Opera or spend the night in a Lord Of The Rings-style Hobbit Hole. Perhaps you want to spend a weekend in a treehouse, a railroad caboose, or a giant potato. You can get to many options on your own, with a date, or with the entire family.

These 9 Airbnbs Are Close To Boise And Are Absolutely Wild

Feel Like a Millionaire When You Stay At This $1600/Night McCall Airbnb

Known as "The Seasons," this McCall property is one of the most extreme rental properties we've seen in our favorite lakeside town. Sure, the rental price is high but that indoor pool might just be worth it!

Spend The Night In One Of These Four Spectacular Boise Boys Airbnb's

These four homes were renovated by the Boise Boys on the show or off the show. We will give you the episode number and current rental price for each of these Airbnb's.

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