Marching band competitions tend to showcase the best of the best... See this nearly perfect performance by BSU's marching band at the D-3 Marching Competition.

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A lot of people talk about Boise State football and yes, they're incredible. Behind every great college football team, however, is an incredible marching band. Here at BSU, we have the Keith Stein Blue Thunder Marching Band, directed by the amazing Dr. Joe Tornello. Dr. Tornello got his masters degree at Virginia Tech and has brought his talents to Boise and this incredible band. As a former band student myself, (middle, high school and college), I can tell you with confidence that Boise State's marching band is one of the best; from their musicianship, to the formations they make on the field, they're just incredible.

As you can see in the video below, taped on Saturday, October 30th at Albertson's Stadium from the D-3, these guys are top notch. They performed as the high school competition was getting ready to unfold and what a great example they set for the competing Idaho high school marching bands. I remember being in high school marching band, being incredibly impressed with the college bands and of course our friends in the Keith Stein Blue Thunder Marching Band didn't disappoint! Check out the video below and enjoy some excellence (they even play "Africa" by Toto, which I, the writer of this article did in college as well!), and congrats to all the high school bands who competed, great job!

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