When you think of a bed and breakfast, you don’t typically imagine yourself shacking up inside of a dog. Okay, we should probably specify that we’re not talking about a real dog but rather the “World’s Biggest Beagle” at Dog Bark Park Inn in Cottonwood, Idaho. According to their Yelp business page, they are the “World’s Biggest Beagle Bed & Breakfast” and feature “chainsaw dog wood carvings.” That’s about as American as it gets, folks.

Their Yelp page also says the bed and breakfast guesthouse was opened in 2003 by a husband and wife and has been featured on multiple outlets such as HGTV and even Ellen.

Now, we’ll show you what you can expect inside but the folks at Dog Bark Park Inn did share some important info about scheduling recently that we’ll share afterward. What’s that? We’re trying to get your hopes up? You are absolutely correct.

Wow! Idaho's Most Famous Bed & Breakfast Proves Why They're #1

Let’s take a look inside the “World’s Largest Beagle” in Cottonwood, Idaho! Would you stay here?

Sadly, according to the Dog Bark Park Inn Facebook page, they are completely booked for the 2022 season. They do invite visitors to come by for photos with the beagle and to shop their "chainsaw dog wood carvings." Their booked schedule all but solidifies their place as the best bed and breakfast in Idaho.

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