The West Valley Humane Society (WVHS) is tackling a surge in surrendered dogs with a special adoption promotion throughout all of January.

In response to an increase in post-holiday surrender rates, a decline in adoptions both locally and nationally, WVHS is encouraging community members to please consider adopting a furry friend at half the usual price. Simply put, there are more and more surrendered dogs, and less adoptions.

Keep scrolling for pictures of some of the adorable dogs available for adoption.

According to data from the previous year, WVHS received 592 surrendered dogs, reflecting a growing concern mirrored nationally with a 30% decrease in adoptions. This decline has led to dogs spending extended periods in shelters, waiting for their forever homes. As seen in this recent story about Chuck, a 4-year-old Labrador Retriever mix who's been at the shelter since early September, and his well-being is deteriorating due to the stress of kennel life.

While WVHS aims to rehome dogs within a week or two, the current situation has resulted in some dogs waiting for weeks or even months for their foster families or forever families. To encourage adoptions and alleviate shelter strain, WVHS is introducing a 50% off dog adoption promotion for January.

Additionally, WVHS urges the community to consider resolutions this year that extend beyond personal goals and contribute to the well-being of shelter dogs: Getting in shape with a new canine companion, volunteering to foster, prioritizing mental health, saving money, learning something new in pet care, giving back to the community, and expressing gratitude by giving a dog a second chance at love and happiness.

To adopt, foster, or learn more about the dogs available at the West Valley Humane Society, visit

West Valley Humane Society Dogs Who Need Homes! Jan. 2024

Please consider rescuing one of these amazing shelter dogs at the West Valley Humane Society. For the entire month of January there are 50% promotions as an effort to rehome these adorable pups.

To adopt, foster, or learn more about the dogs available at the West Valley Humane Society, visit

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