Microblading or nano-needling: which is right for you? Find out, then keep scrolling for 8 of Boise's most popular and/or best-reviewed brow artists.

MICROBLADING || What is it?

Microblading is a cosmetic tattoo application meant to enhance a person's eyebrows. Men and women alike prefer the shape and drama microblading lends their arches. Those with thinning brows tend to appreciate the realistic-looking individual hairstrokes that replace what time, pregnancy, and medical conditions have whittled away.

Different than the fully permanent and severe-looking tattooed eyebrows of yesteryear, microblading will typically last two-to-three years, delivering natural-looking results. Why? As its name implies, the volume of ink used during a "micro" blading procedure is marginal at best as compared to a permanent tattoo. Contrary to popular belief, microblading is quite different than a traditional tattoo, but it still requires the use of 10-to-16 tiny, bundled needles to inject pigment into the skin. Shaped and formed like an actual blade, the needles create fine incisions in the skin that allow for the absorption pigment just before the excess is removed.

NANO NEEDLING || What is it?

Nano-needling's surge in popularity stems from its exceptional and natural-looking results. The fact that those results are delivered by a single needle only adds to the running list of why brow enthusiasts love the procedure. Not only does the procedure yield results that last as long as microblading, it's said to be far less painful as it inflicts a lesser degree of trauma to the skin. In short, nano-needling is microblading with much less pain and greater precision/artist control.


Whether you choose microblading or nano-needling, exercise due diligence in selecting the procedure, your artist, and your desired shape/results. Licensed, skilled brow artists should always provide a thorough consultation in advance of a scheduled procedure. Be thorough in evaluating their body of work on social media and verified reviews. Above all, ask questions and remember both of these procedures are semi-permanent with possible risks and side effects.

And if not to commit to working with one, check out the 8 most popular brow artists on Boise Yelp for inspiration to help you find the right fit.

8 Most Popular Boise Brow Artists on Yelp

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