Burger King is known as the "home of the Whopper."  However a worker is giving the king and his court some un-welcome attention. 

Like everything that happens these days, it all started with a video.  How did we all survive without the constant video surveillance that we all live with today.

While most people would think this was a common sense thing that didn't need to be vocalized, Burger King officials are nonetheless telling their employees in Florida that cleaning off tables with a dirty mop is not OK, reports USA Today.   The directive came after a video surfaced showing an employee at a Jacksonville BK dragging a floor mop across a table to clean it. In the clip, a customer can be heard complaining that she'd just eaten at the table.


The customer wasn't the only person disgusted by the video. A Burger King spokeswoman expressed her horror over seeing the employee's unsanitary action, calling it "unacceptable and not in line with our brand standards or operational procedures." She says every employee at that location is going to be retrained.Is it silly to expect teens being paid minimum wage to even care about being sanitary?   Will this influence your decision to eat at a Burger King or another fast food restaurant?  Do you enjoy eating at fast food restaurants?  What's your most disgusting fast food experience?


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