We've received some major snow here in the Boise area, but for right now the temperatures are starting to rise— creating more rain, melting snow, and treacherous mud, especially if you're out in the Boise Foothills.

Given the recent conditions, outdoor adventurists are reminded to exercise caution as they could have more encounters with Idaho wildlife on local trails — 2 dangerous animals in particular who might be looking for more food during this time of year. Any guesses?


Black Bears showcase a behavior known as "torpor" during winter — a state of reduced activity to conserve energy, relying on stored fat. Basically, bear are not active during this time... with one exception. On milder winter days, like what we're experiencing now, Black Bears emerge from their dens to forage for food.

Mountain Lions

Mountain Lions remain fairly active during the winter, and they adapt well to the colder weather. They're known to be elusive predators and opportunistic hunters, preying on deer and other wildlife for food. During January and Idaho's winter months, Mountain Lions may follow their prey for quite some time, and wait for the perfect chance to strike.

It's crucial for adventurers in the Boise area to exercise caution. Recent reports of mountain lion sightings reaffirm the untamed wilderness surrounding Boise. Notably, there was an encounter last October, where a trail runner faced a group of four mountain lions during her morning run. As we start to have some milder weather days, there might be a rise in wildlife activity.

Here's Everything You Need To Know If You Run Into A Mountain Lion In Boise

This information is courtesy of Idaho Fish and Game.

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