Congressional Democrats are busy working to ensure that they expand their political power at the expense of the United States Constitution.

While the rest of the country focused on the Mueller Report, Nancy Pelosi and like-minded associates have passed or proposed legislation that would permanently rewire the political landscape in America.

If the radical liberals are successful, Republicans would be done as a political party. Here are their four moves to circumventing the constitutional checks and balances that have kept America stable for over 200 years.

Here are four big power moves that you need to be aware of before the next election.

#1 Expand the Supreme Court from nine members to fifteen. The Dems are mad that the Conservatives will expand their influence on the nation's highest court. They believe more justices will erode any chance of limiting their power.

#2 Eliminate the Electoral College. Liberals have taken to the airwaves, and some state legislatures, seeking to change how we elect presidents. Democrats continue to harp that the popular vote should replace the Electoral College. If that happens, states like Idaho would have no impact on choosing our next leader.

#3 Allowing non-citizens the right to vote. Candidates and elected officials have gotten behind a radical proposal that residents, not citizens, would be allowed to vote. Their goal would be to dilute the voting impact of legal Americans voting in an election.

#4 Lowering the voting age from eighteen to sixteen. Several states led by possessives seek to lower the voting age. Most young people lack the life experience to make an informed decision. Minors voting would mean more votes for liberal candidates.

These changes would not strengthen our Republic. If it sounds too good to be true, chances are it is too good to be true.




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