The old saying, 'you don't know what you have till it's gone,' could be applied to the current incarnation of Boise State Football. The Broncos beat a one-dimensional New Mexico team Friday night on ESPN. It was like the old days of the Chris Petersen/Kellen Moore era. Boise State would win, and ESPN's Gameday show hosts would devote a segment to America's favorite underdog. Despite Boise State one, their victory was replaced by several programs that surpassed them in week two of the college football season.

Whether you attribute the success of other programs to the transfer portal or name image and likeness, smaller teams from underfunded conferences are beating college football mega powers. We've made a list of previously unknown college football teams that have captured the nation's attention.

Check Out 5 Current College Football Teams That Have Surpassed Boise State Football

These 5 formerly unknown college football teams are now on the rise!

A few of those teams were paid a million and a half dollars to compete against their Power 5 opponents. Meanwhile in Boise, the Broncos will open at home against UT Martin.  The team was scheduled to host Michigan State, but took the several million dollar buyout to avoid playing the Spartans at home.

Boise State Football's Challenged Future


Former player and marketing superstar Alex Guerrero asked a question on Twitter concerning the state of the Bronco's Offense.

The Broncos are a work in progress. If New Mexico had an offense, perhaps Friday night's results would've been different. Boise State is in danger of being left behind in today's world of underdogs beating the big boys in college football.

Last week, I counted two Boise State flags on game day. Five years ago, you couldn't go anywhere in our area without seeing multiple Boise supporters; today, those days appear to be gone. We will see if the fans get the same return on their investment as the other new powers of college football.

A look at the latest Boise State Football news conference.

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