Boise State Football has been Idaho's dominant football team for many years. The team is integral to college football history regarding David beating not one, but many Goliaths. Who can forget the first Fiesta Bowl win against Oklahoma? The victory was so big that Walmarts throughout the Treasure Valley would replay the game on a loop on large-screen televisions every year.

The Broncos had an unparalleled run during the Kellen Moore/ Coach Petersen era, amassing a win total of 50-3. The Broncos continued their success after both player and coach left for other opportunities. The team continued to win games; however, the wins have fallen off from the glory days over the years.

KIbbie Dome Photos

The Kibbie Dome has once again gained national attention thanks to ESPN. We look at Idaho's 'unique' facility in this photo gallery.

Gallery Credit: Kevin Miller KIDO Talk Radio /YouTube

Whether you liked the Broncos or not, they were Idaho's number-one team. The only other team that fans were drawn to in the Gem State was the Idaho Vandals. The Vandals stepped down to the FSC after years of losing game after game. However, the team up North has grabbed the state's attention with their recent success.

5 Clear Compelling Reasons Why The Vandals Are Idaho's Team

Idaho is now the Gem State's Favorite College Football Team.

Gallery Credit: Kevin Miller

Boise State Football: 2023 Football Schedule

Here is the OFFICIAL list of home and away games for Boise State's 2023 football season!

Gallery Credit: Credit: Mateo, 103.5 KISS FM


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