College football continues to change rapidly. Fans and executives agree that while it may not equal the ratings of the NFL, it's the next best option. With demand comes opportunities to monetize the sport. Fans can forget wins, losses, traditions, and rivalries. It's all been replaced by P&L, otherwise known as profits and losses.

Once sacred cows are being turned over faster than Luka Donic fouling out of the NBA Finals, the game is rapidly becoming unrecognizable. CBS Sports reported that college football teams at every level can now sell up to three sponsor logos on their football fields. The college gridiron will now resemble boxing mats filled with sponsors clamoring for more exposure. We expect jersey sponsorships to be next, as seen in the NBA and other professional sports.

What's next you may ask? Front Office Sports was the first to report the Big 12 is looking at selling its naming rights to the right sponsor. The naming rights could yield the sixteen teams an additional thirty to fifty million dollars per year. Although, could anyone get used to the Burger King 12?

We doubt the Big 10, SEC, or ACC would attempt a similar move at this time. But what about the Mountain West, The AAC, Conference USA, and The Sunbelt?

The Athletic/New York Times reports that three Group of Five conferences, the American, the Mountain West, and Conference USA, seek to sell their naming rights to the highest bidder. In other words, the Mountain West conference could be renamed the Wendy's conference or another sponsor name like Liquid Plumber.

Advocates say these new naming deals could add millions to the coffers of less revenue-friendly schools. However, are these schools and conferences willing to sell their legacy and tradition to the highest bidder?

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