By now, you've heard the news that In-N-Out Burger is coming to Meridian. Our sister station recently reported the story and we're having some thoughts about the arrival. Quite simply: no. Don't come here, In-N-Out.

Is the influx of people it'll bring? The quality of food? The unnecessary attention? The answer: all of that and then some.

Not only are there are several local burger spots in Idaho that we should be supporting... but they're better. Now, I've heard it before: "This guy probably hasn't had In-N-Out or even Whataburger." That would be false. I grew up in Texas where Whataburger was the official state food. A few years before I arrived in Idaho, San Antonio also landed an In-N-Out. Years before that? I tried In-N-Out when visiting California.

I've had the two (and there's no comparison but more on that later) and I can certainly tell you with the utmost confidence that local spots like Big Jud's annihilate In-N-Out. Meridian would be much better off with a 'Good Burger' than they would with an In-N-Out.

So, now that we've ticked off all of the In-N-Out enthusiasts, let's get into the top reasons why we don't want an In-N-Out in the State of Idaho!

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