With waters rising in parts of Eagle, Ann Morrison Park and other places bordering the Boise River, there's like a 90% chance that float season isn't happening in 2017. So it's no surprise that Boise's ponds and pools will be slammed this year!

One of the most popular non-river, water destinations in the Treasure Valley is Quinn's Pond, located at 3150 W Pleasanton Ave near the white water park.  Before you get your splash on in the 22-acre pond, here's 5 things you may have not known about Quinn's Pond!

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    It's A Yoga and Fitness Hot Spot

    Take at look into Quinn's Pond any given evening and you'll see dozens of people on SUPs (Stand Up Paddle Boards.) They're part of SUP Yoga, Fitness or Intro classes offered by nearby Idaho River Sports. The SUP Yoga classes are open people of all abilities and focuses on improving your balance while bringing your mind, body and spirit together.  Come prepared to get a little wet in those classes! The fitness classes work on your upper body and core strength, building endurance and balance. The intro classes teach you the basics of Stand Up Paddle boarding from equipment, what to wear and how to paddle, all while giving you a full body workout.  The cost of all these classes include a full SUP rental package if you don't have your own! Get more details HERE.

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    It Used to Be a Gravel Operation

    You'll instantly understand how the beautiful pond got it's name when I tell you who it previously belonged to.  The pond used to be the home to the Quinn Robbin's Construction Company's gravel operation.  The park was named after Quinn Robbin's founder, Maurice Harold Quinn's wife Bernardine.  She was known for her work with the Girl Scouts of Silver Sage, the Catholic Women's League and St. Al's hospital.  The land was donated to the city in 1997.

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    You May Have Called It Another Name At One Time

    Once upon a time, I made the decision to attempt the Y-Not Try triathlon.  When I posted the decision on social media, I asked people who were far wiser than me where I should train for the open water swim.  "Clocktower Pond, that's where the race is...duh!" was the common response.  I sat there dumbfounded, looking at the registration page trying to figure out where I went wrong.  The YMCA's website totally said the race started at "Quinn's Pond." I was so confused.  Turns out people have called it many things over the years including "Clocktower Pond" and "Bob Rice Pond" since it's near the site of the old Bob Rice Ford Dealership.

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    Watch Out for Jelly Fish

    So at said triathlon, I thought I was stubbing my toe on a rock prior to the gun going off...but realized that I wasn't moving my foot, so that wasn't actually possible.  Turns out there was a little, harmless fish chewing on my toe. Quinn's Pond is also a popular fishing destination, so I'm not surprised that this little guy found me.

    BUT there was once a really unusual underwater creature found in the pond! According to an archived Associated Press article from 1997, a Girl Scout Troop was learning to scuba dive in the pond when they found a crystal clear jellyfish. Thinking it was odd to find in fresh water, they took it to BSU, Fish & Game and the Geothermal Aquatculture Research Foundation who confirmed it really was a jellyfish.  The troop went back and found a few more to take to the Foundation for research.  That type of jellyfish had only been discovered east of the Mississippi and only a dozen times.  Coming from the same family as the man-of-war, they're considered a little poisonous.

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    There's a Beach, But Don't Bring Alcohol to It

    Before the river opened for floating season in 2016, the new beach at Quinn's Pond was slammed.  It was full of people that didn't know the rules of the newly finished beach.  Boise Police had to start handing out citations for open containers on the beach as alcohol isn't allowed with in 250 feet of the river, park restrooms, playgrounds or skate parks.  The beach in Quinn's Pond is in that banned area. Being caught with an open container there is a misdemeanor and you'll end up having to make a court appearance if you're busted by BPD.

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