Could this be the last summer for propane grills in America? Yes, we do live in strange times, however we've seen the Biden Administration demand an end to how Americans grill, drive their cars, and enjoy a traditional American lifestyle? Although the House Republicans continue to fight the president, we could one live in a very different world.

Like most red-blooded Americans, Idahoans love to grill whether it's charcoal or propane, there's nothing better than steak, chicken, hot dogs, hamburgers, even vegetables on a grill. However, a move by the federal government and some deep blue states could cause our beloved propane powered grills to go the way of the telephone operator.

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It's good that the fictional character Hank Hill didn't live during these unique times. The lead character in King of the Hill was the king of propane. He sold propane, loved propane, and propane was a big topic of the thirty-minute weekly cartoon show.

However, if some big states get their way along with Joe Biden, the days of propane being sold in America could be over.

YouTube / Melinda
YouTube / Melinda

President Biden has stated that he wants America off of fossil fuels including propane. Several states across the country have begun to embrace his philosophy. Other states like California have passed legislation that will ban the use of propane can.

Imagine the impact if Joe Biden's California energy grab comes to Idaho?  The state may not have a choice as the president could withhold funds for states that do not follow his flawed energy plan. How would the state's popular and lucrative camping RV industry continue? What about backyard barbecues? Will the Foreman Grill replace your Traeger in Idaho?


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