This week has not been a good week for the sports world.  The country is dealing with a spike in coronavirus with 29 states now reporting a rise in cases reports the Washington Post. Major League Baseball is struggling with a plan to return to action this Summer.  College Football along with the Nation Football League have stated that they plan on returning to action in the Fall.  But is that plan a reality for college football?  Universities and the NCAA has said that students have to be in school to justify athletics.  Central District Health has moved Ada County back to phase 3 effective Wednesday morning.  Boise State University has closed its campus and sent students and athletes home because of Covid infection and concerns.

It's only June.  What happens if the rate of infection continues to rise?  The NFL is now advising their players not to workout together, says  If players can't workout together, how can they be ready for the season?  Good question, but what about college football?  Professionals may be willing to take a chance on COVID, but will parents allow their kids to be at risk?  Will universities be willing to risk lawsuits from students and parents if their kids contract the virus?

I don't see universities outside the Power 5 playing football this Fall.  I give the Power 5 programs a fifty fifty chance of playing.  The revenue might be worth the risk to those conferences.  Based on the current climate, I don't see Boise State and the state of Idaho to be one of the programs that will take that risk.  We'll have to see how it all plays out.

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