Recently the Ada County Commissioners passed a resolution prohibiting fireworks in the unincorporated areas of Ada County.  The vote was unanimous by all three county commissioners, Chairwoman Kendra Kenyon, Diana Lachiondo, and Rick Visser.   The board expressed their concern about fireworks starting fires and their danger to public safety.

"Wildfires are one of the top hazards in Idaho and the danger to the public from fireworks is very real,” said Ada County Commission Chair Kendra Kenyon. “The 4th of July is an important holiday to celebrate Independence in this country, but using fireworks in approved areas is critically important. While this ban is not new, we are mindful that we have many new residents who may not be aware of the dangers involved.”

If you're wondering what areas of Ada County are impacted and want to read the resolution click the link here. 

Boise Fire Chief Dennis Doan announced that he wants to prosecute fireworks vendors whose fireworks cause a fire.  Doan told Ch6 that the office of the state's Attorney General says state law allows for prosecution.

Boise Fire Department urge the public to only by safe and sane fireworks.  Here's are some safety tips to help you avoid any injuries during the fireworks season.

  • Only buy fireworks from a licensed seller
  • Read and follow the directions on the fireworks before lighting them
  • Have water handy in case of an emergency
  • Only use fireworks in an open, outdoor area
  • Light the fireworks on a hard surface and be cautious of any wind
  • Have a designated person to set off the fireworks who avoids alcohol and does not wear loose clothing
  • Make sure that the designated person wears safety goggles and close-toed shoes
  • Do not alter or combine fireworks
  • Aim the firework away from houses, dry leaves, flammable materials and people
  • Never extend a body part over the devise
  • Light one firework at a time
  • Never relight a “dud” firework
  • Wait 20 minutes after setting off the firework to approach it, and then soak it in water

Please call (208) 377-6790 to report any and all illegal fireworks.



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