How Ada County, with the help of a local company,  is handling erosion and flood prevention.  Engineers and county officials continue to monitor water levels and their impact on the areas surrounding the Boise River.  Last week workers installed a giant tube encasing water to help stem erosion.  This 600 foot tube will work to present water flooding neighborhoods in Eagle and Garden City.

ada tube 2
Photo courtesy of ADA County

AIRE Industrial, from Meridian, constructed the tube at a cost of 26,000.  The tube is built into sections that are 40 feet long and weigh 24,000 pounds filled with water.  The tube is not a levee but a backup to the riverbank that will not erode due to the increase river flows.

ada tube 3
Photo courtesy of Ada County

The county continues to work to prevent flooding in flooding in Ada County and throughout the Treasure Valley.  Continue to monitor local media outlets and be prepared by going to their web site at

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