Downtown Boise has no shortage of fun things to do on a Friday or Saturday night. Despite the legendary Rocci Johnson performing on Wednesday nights, Humpin' Hannah's still draws quite the crowd on the weekends with its sexy party vibe. Dirty Little Roddy's has the mechanical bull, which I can personally attest is a blast and a half. Honestly, just being downtown in general has an electric vibe to it. But there's been something missing for some time now that is finally coming back.

I promise this isn't a false alarm like it was back in August and back in July. Twice this summer the promise of Dueling Pianos coming back to The Brickyard has fallen short. In June there was the promise that by the end of July we'd be back to enjoying this downtown staple. Then by the end of August. It is almost October and we've yet to experience this magic. In fact, it's not even summer anymore. But now, finally, for certain, Dueling Pianos returns.

October 1st marks the official return of highly anticipated of the late night fun fest. From 10pm - 1am on Fridays and Saturdays you can enjoy the high energy show while enjoying cocktails. The Brickyard website still lists Dueling Pianos as being paused for the time being, but that's simply just not updated. I have it on good authority from one of the establishment's managers that the attraction returns this weekend. So set your reservations and stay late for a front row seat to a beloved and highly missed night of fun.

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