As if flying isn't stressful enough.  Recently a major airline apologized for a tweet that alarmed passengers around the world.  It seems there a many people who can't get enough of reading their social media even while their flying. Someone in the KLM Airlines social media department has a lot of explaining to do. In a now-deleted tweet, KLM India wrote, "According to data studies by Time, the fatality rate for the seats in the middle of the plane is the highest.  No wonder everyone seems to fight over the window and aisle seats.

However, the fatality rate for the seats in the front is marginally lesser and is least for seats at the rear third of a plane." Twitter users criticized the bad timing of the post. The message was tweeted on the 5th anniversary of the crash of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 that killed 298 people.

The post was followed by an apology and a message that said, "The post was based on a publicly available aviation fact, and isn’t a @KLM opinion. It was never our intention to hurt anyone’s sentiments. Would reading a social media post influence what airline you would choose to fly to one destination?  Thankfully the controversial post has since been deleted.” Do you think the person in charge of the tweet will get fired or just a slap on the wrist?



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