Last week at this time, Governor Little issued a statewide order moving Idaho back to stage 2 from stage 4.  Ada County had been in stage 3 and was moved back to stage 2 along with the rest of the Gem State.  Unfortunately, Governor Little was not the only governor making news regarding shutdowns and closures.  To his credit, the governor's stage 2 is a modified one that allows businesses a chance to survive.  The Boise mayor issued her own restrictions for the capitol city on Thursday.

Whether it was a reaction to the governor's announcement, the uncertainty of the election outcome or the rising Covid rates, people became scarred.  Americans across the country charged grocery stores hoarding toilet paper and other supplies.  Once again, there's no toilet paper in stores.

Government agencies warn folks not to travel during the traditionally heavy Thanksgiving travel.  Travel agencies expect travel to be reduced by at least 10% in 2020.  Things are looking pretty bleak.  We as a country have been here before this crisis.  America has defeated the undefeatable and beaten the unbeatable.

America has cured deadlier viruses while fighting world wars.  America has liberated the world from tyranny several times.  The world would be ruled by dictators if not for our land of liberty.  Our conquered foes have become our most trusted allies.  There has never been a Super Power in the history of the world that has had the might, compassion, and perseverance of America.

The strength of America is its people.  God has blessed us by giving us our land of opportunity.  We will overcome, we have no choice, we are Americans.

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