In a serious incident late last night, just after 2:30am on November 16th, 2023, a Boise resident confronted a would-be burglar, highlighting the importance of community vigilance and preparedness.

The suspect, Khynndyl Lasley, age 22, targeted a home on Cassia St. in Boise, prompting a fast response from Boise Police. According to a press release today from the Boise Police Department, surveillance footage reveals Lasley attempting a break-in, only to face an armed homeowner.

In a commendable act of vigilance, the resident held Lasley at gunpoint until the police arrived. Despite being given commands to leave, Lasley retreated into the furnace room, setting the stage for a tense standoff.

Boise Police, responding to the scene, also faced resistance from Lasley, who refused to surrender. The situation escalated until officers executed a carefully planned intervention, in which they apprehend the suspect by deploying a non-lethal round and a K9 unit. The suspect received on-site medical attention before being transported to the hospital and then ultimately booked into the Ada County Jail.

This terrifying incident serves as a huge reminder of the crucial role vigilant residents play in keeping our communities and neighborhoods safe. It's a good wake-up call for all of us to think about being ready if something like this happens to us. Knowing what to do and being prepared can make a big difference, and it literally is life-or-death. Simple things like making sure your doors and windows are secure or having a plan in case of an emergency can help keep you and your neighbors safe.

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