Idaho Power (headquartered in Boise, Idaho) strives to always be there for their customers, and in this circumstance, they’re giving us a heads up and warning Idahoans of the recent scams that seem to be happening more and more frequently.

Power is something we all need in order to function nowadays – it’s in everything we do. Scammers know this. They often attempt to reach us by phone (pretending to be with a certain company or an affiliated company) and trick us into giving them our confidential or sensitive information.

According to Local News 8, “Idaho Power is seeing an uptick in calls from customers reporting several scams.” As mentioned previously, Idaho Power strives to always be there for their customers, and they’re taking action against this and working tirelessly to protect Idahoans and stop these kinds of scams from happening.

The easiest way to combat it though, in my personal opinion, is to be aware of these kinds of scams and to be extra cautious when providing information about ourselves. This is true for any scam. Look out for callers who say they’re affiliated with a company, sent to you by a company, offering you a false or unrealistic deal, and (the big one) pressuring you to make decisions on the spot.

The better we are at spotting the BS, the better our chances of not being scammed.

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