A controversial billboard seen and photographed in downtown Boise is provoking conservative backlash on KIDO Talk Radio and across social media.  Author Note: KIDO Talk Radio has not seen the billboard first-hand. Sources include published reports- specifically a first-hand testimonial from billboard's alleged creators, and social media. 

The Boise Weekly reports that the digital billboard is the collaboration of activist Tanisha Jae Newton and artist Morgan Baxter.  They told the paper that they were looking to provide a positive message and to unite people.  On the other hand, what happens if you disagree with the message?  Here's what they said to the Boise Weekly:

“We want to inspire hope for those that see the message as a positive one,” said Baxter. “For those that don’t, it can give them a chance to reflect on their own moral and political beliefs.”

“If people disagree, I welcome them to come to those types of events to engage,” said Newton. “Until then, they can do what the billboard says and get out the way!”

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