Before the internet, before Shark Tank, before being an entrepreneur was cool, Kevin Harrington was making money working for himself. Mr. Harrington, one of the world's most accomplished self-made millionaires, shared his secrets of success with us in a recent interview.

This week, Mr. Harrington will be in town to promote how local businesses can market themselves in this post-pandemic, highly competitive world. If you'd like more information on his appearance, please click the link here.

Mr. Harrington began his career creating infomercials that would run for thirty minutes on selected cable channels, usually during the overnight hours. He honed his craft by showing late-night television viewers how his product would solve problems and keep their attention. Consumers would then buy the product by calling a phone number and using their credit cards.    


Mr. Harrington was the first shark picked, eventually leaving the show after a few seasons. He shared with us that his family needed to understand his nontraditional path to success. Although it wasn't easy, he prevailed and is now a global success today. If you'd like to listen to Mr. Harrington's message, check out our interview with him below.

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