The tragedy at Robb Elementary in Uvalde is still all very fresh in our hearts and our minds. As a parent to two children with one a year or so out from attending kindergarten, I can’t imagine the heartbreak that these families are experiencing in Texas. I was originally born and raised in Texas before I arrived in Idaho last winter. While my family and I have fallen in love with Idaho since being here, we still have our obvious connections to our hometown of San Antonio which is just an hour and a half away from Robb Elementary in Uvalde.

So, when I came across an event being held for the victims in Texas on the NextDoor app from a neighbor in Boise, I immediately felt a sense of unity. The people of Idaho once again blew me away with how big their hearts are and their desire to do something about it.

Boise residents, Michelle Lythgoe and Erin Volk have teamed up for an event to show love and raise money for those affected by the tragedy in Uvalde.

The event is taking place at the Columbia Village Community Center in Boise at 3655 E. Lake Forest tomorrow morning starting at 7:30 AM and will go until 9:30 AM.

On their Facebook page for the event, the Boise moms encourage attendees to bring letters, cards, etc. They do ask that everything is sealed, addressed, and stamped, but if you don’t have postage they can send it for you. Address letters and cards to:

Robb Elementary School

715 Old Carrizo Road

Uvalde, Texas 7880

In their post to the NextDoor app, Michelle shared that Slow River Coffee will be there with their coffee truck and matching donations up to $500. They will even donate all of their tips to Robb Elementary.

This is one of the many examples that show how Idahoans not only look out for each other, but for Americans across the country. As a Texas native turned Idaho native… I couldn’t be more proud of the work our community is doing.

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