The protests of local hospitals will continue throughout the state for the next two weeks. The first two protests drew over a thousand people at both rallies. The coalition of healthcare professionals is continuing to pressure Idaho lawmakers to protect them from forced vaccinations as a condition of employment.  

So far, the lieutenant governor is the only elected official who has publically advocated for the workers of Saint Luke's, Saint Alphonsus, and Primary Health. You can read about her latest endeavor here. We also have links to what the Republican Senate has to say here and Idaho Democrats here.

We've received the details of the upcoming rallies from a release.  Critics have said the protest movement is not a grass-root's movement.  However, we do have the details of how the healthcare workers continue to organize.

Nurses from throughout Idaho met Tuesday to discuss their next steps to stop the mandate for healthcare workers to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Take a Stand Now; the group scheduled a series of five protest rallies throughout the Treasure Valley over the next eight days.

One of the leaders of the group, Carrie Gray, said the medical centers forcing mandated vaccines are violating fundamental individual rights.

"The message is clear and concise. Not one of these nurses is anti-vaccine, but they believe that individuals have the right to choose whether they will or will not receive it. There are thousands of individuals that are part of this movement who HAVE gotten the vaccine and still feel that they are not comfortable working for organizations that violate the right to choose and use coercion, not consent," Gray said.

The leaders of this group discussed and reviewed their mission, vision, and values. The protest rallies are listed below, and the group intends to extend their protests into August.

Here's a list of the upcoming rallies in Idaho:

Thursday, July 22nd from 4 pm-6 pm 

Saint Luke's Magic Valley Medical Center 

801 Pole Line Rd. W, Twin Falls, Idaho 83301


Friday, July 23rd, From 4 pm-6 pm 

Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center 

1055 N. Curtis Rd. Boise, Idaho 83706


Monday, July 26th from 5 pm-7 pm 

Primary Health Medical Group 

3280 Lanark Dr. Meridian, Idaho 83642


Wednesday, July 28th from 5 pm- 7 pm

Saint Luke's Medical Center 

190 Bannock St. Boise, Idaho 83712


Friday, July 30th from 5 pm- 7 pm

Saint Alphonsus Medical Center Nampa

4300 E. Flamingo Road Nampa, Idaho 83687

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