Idaho Democrats say that the exemptions provided by the three Idaho health care providers offer sufficient protection. They believe that any discussion involving returning the legislature is about generating publicity. It should come as no surprise that Idaho Democrats would follow in the path of national Democrats who continue to push for vaccinations.

The Democratic release says the COVID cases are rising in Idaho. They say that it's essential that hospitals remain open to care for their patients. Again, they specify that the exemptions provided by employers are sufficient protections for workers.

However, healthcare workers have told us that there are many hoops that employees have to jump through, and there is no guarantee that an exemption will be granted. They've told us that if you've taken a vaccine in the past, then you will be required to take the shot.  Workers have expressed concerns about their privacy being violated by telling administrators their medical and religious reasons for not getting the shot.

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So far, Lieutenant Governor Janice McGeachin is the only elected official advocating for the legislature to return to session. This week, she held a news conference with health care workers urging the House and the Senate and Governor Little to reconvene the legislature. She offered to meet with the governor and the health care providers to provide a solution outside legislation.


You can read how the Senate Republicans and the governor feel about reconvening the legislature here. Also, here is our coverage of the lieutenant governor's solution outside of government.  We have asked the governor to become involved in bringing all parties together here.

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