Idaho Lieutenant Governor Janice McGeachin held a news conference today at the statehouse. Joining her was Representative Tammy Nicholas and healthcare workers who will lose their jobs due to employer-mandated vaccinations. The lieutenant governor spoke from the heart concerning the upcoming crisis in healthcare.

"I wish to extend my gratitude to all of Idaho's healthcare workers, including those that have decided against taking the vaccinations. Your tireless work over the last year and a half has been selfless and heroic. I'm sorry that your employers are now turning their backs on you. We are here today to discuss the recent announcement that some Idaho employers intend to terminate their employees because of personal health decisions."

The lieutenant governor held nothing back in explaining the impact those decisions will have on Idaho workers. "This idea of discriminating against and firing employees based on private and personal health decisions flies in the face of liberty and justice."

She revealed that nineteen legislators have signed a letter of support for the healthcare workers.  The lieutenant governor offered several solutions to the current showdown between the workers and the healthcare providers.  She did criticize the legislator for not passing legislation that would've prevent this troubling issue.

One of the solutions outside the reconvening the legislature could be the hospital providers withdrawing their shot deadline in less than eight weeks.  Lieutenant Governor McGeachin revealed that she has written three letters to the CEOs of Saint Alphonsus, Saint Luke's, and Primary Care.  We have obtained those letters in this blog.

"So today with conjunction with Doctor Cole we have written requests calling on them to drop the mandate and calling on them to come to the table and that is a solution."

There was a meeting between the lieutenant governor and Governor Little Wednesday.  She said she asked him if they could work together on this issue.  "There is room for another name on these letters."

letter 1
office of lt. gov Idaho
Letter 2
Courtesy of office of Idaho Lt. Gov.
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