The movement continues towards some type of resolution revolving around the current healthcare crisis in the Gem State. When we last left you, the lieutenant governor held a press conference. Healthcare workers held a rally drawing hundreds outside the statehouse, and now we have some reaction from our elected leaders.  

The Idaho Senate GOP Caucus issued a statement Friday evening picked up by the Associated Press. In that statement, they called on the governor, the house, and the medical community to come up with a solution outside of bringing the legislature back into session.  

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Senator Chuck Winder said, "As Senate Republicans, we hold firm the belief that state government should not overregulate business; however, individual liberties must be protected to ensure Idahoans are able to work and provide for their families."

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The Democrats issued their statement on the matter once again picked up by the AP. "The current policies have off-ramps and exemptions already in place," the caucus said in a statement. "Hospitals have a responsibility to all who enter their businesses, whether someone has a heart attack, a serious COVID infection, or a vaccination reaction." 

The Idaho Statesman did get a statement from the governor's office concerning employer-mandated vaccinations.  

In an email, Republican Gov. Brad Little's spokesperson, Marissa Morrison Hyer, said Little is not in favor of getting involved.

"Governor Little believes banning a private sector entity from managing its employees the way it wants amounts to government overreach," Hyer said. "Government should stay out of decisions involving employers and their employees as much as possible."

She added, "Governor Little still urges Idahoans to choose to receive the vaccine because it is safe, effective, and our best shot at continued health and prosperity for the people of Idaho."

(We've urged the governor to take action in this matter. You can read about it here.)

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The good news is that our elected leaders are not ignoring this issue and seek to have a solution without government intervention. This problem could've been avoided if both houses in the legislature would've properly addressed this issue during the session. Let's hope that workers in Idaho will not be forced to take a shot that they do not want in their bodies. The irony is that folks in liberal California and Oregon have more rights than folks living in the 'reddest of the red states' Idaho.  

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