Once again, thanks to your generosity, the Boise Rescue Mission will have additional funds to help get them through the lean summer months. We've been soliciting pennies and every other household items at the Nampa Walmart located on Garrity and Franklin for the last six days. For over ten years, we've had the privilege of communicating the needs of the Boise Rescue Mission twice a year. We will soon be approaching ten years at this exceptional Nampa location.

Kevin Miller Through The Years

Very few broadcasters have made the kind of impact on the Treasure Valley that Kevin Miller has over the years.
Always dawning a smile and a positive attitude, Kevin is known for his laugh and his good works. This is a glimpse at the Kevin Miller that our community loves.

It's not easy for folks at Walmart to allow us to take over a lot of their real estate, so thanks to the staff of the Garrity store once again for their help. Thanks to First Federal Bank, Treasure Valley Subaru, Camping World Meridian, and Team Mazda. We'll be counting your pennies Wednesday morning during the morning show, so please join us to find out how many pennies you donated to the Boise Rescue Mission.

Thank you to all of you that have joined us personally at Walmart or by donating online.  Your donations will fund the summer educational programs for kids, the veteran's services, and other programs that give folks a hand up.  We've all been so moved by the generosity of our community.  Regardless of the local, state, and national politics, or fears of a recession, you've once again made a difference.


The Boise Rescue Mission can't solve all of our challenges in our area.  However, for people that are seeking help and need a good support system, there's no better place to once again invest in making a positive difference in our people.  Thank You!

Boise Rescue Mission Bill Roscoe

The Boise Rescue Mission and their CEO Reverend Bill Roscoe continue to serve our community.

Miller's Mission

A look back at the first 10 years of Miller's Mission

Miller's Mission Concludes in Nampa, Idaho

A powerful week of giving concludes commemorating 10 years of Miller's Mission benefitting the Boise Rescue Mission. Give a Turkey, Don't be a Turkey.

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