Boise State's Football Team kicked off the Fall season with a disturbing announcement involving Covid infections on the team.

It appears a 'bubble' will be returning this season, as we saw last season during the abbreviated 2020 campaign. Boise State Athletic Director Jeramiah Dickey took to Twitter to explain the recent developments.

The return to the bubble was a result of several players testing positive for Covid.  Coach Andy Avalos expressed his concern during his first media gathering before the kickoff of Fall camp.  The coach revealed that the team is not where they need to be when it comes to vaccination rates.  The issue of vaccination for college athletes is a sensitive personal as most coaches have acknowledged publicly during their media days.

"We're not close, this a real topic of conversation,  As much as we want to move on to the whatever the new normal is closet to what it was prior to the pandemic, we're not there," said Avalos.  The coach told us that the Bronco's biggest opponent is not UCF, Oklahoma State, or San Jose State.  "The biggest opponent we'll have this year is making sure how we handle our Covid protocols.  It's still a very real situation."

Those precautions seem to be echoed in another tweet from Jeramiah Dickey.

The Broncos are trying to recover from a financial beating last year due to Covid.  Several staff members were let go as a result of the budgetary shortfalls.  The new administration, athletics director, president, football coach, have pledged a goal of selling out the six home games of the season.  Like changing a goal post, that goal could prove to be more difficult if 2020 safety protocols return.  


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