It looks like the COVID-19 virus has struck again.  This time the victims aren't people, but two athletic programs at Boise State University.  The programs that will be dropped are baseball and the diving and swimming team.  The move was described as a cost saving measure in a university press release.  You can read it here. The savings is described at roughly 3 million dollars.  "We're in the midst of tough times now,"said Boise State Athletic Director Curt Apsey in a press conference held Friday afternoon.  He continued to say, "basically the decision to eliminate sports was to set up our department that has a budget that could be sustained long term."

Apsey continued to say that the current economic environment would make it tough to continue to fund those programs in the future.  The programs made up 2.2 million dollars and the other sports are contributing money back to the university.  The athletic director said the uncertain future about the Fall contributed to his decision.

Other Boise State sports have looked at trimming their budgets, according to Apsey.  Travel, training, and other necessary items have been scaled back to save money.  He credited the staff with stepping up to save money.  Aspey, shared his thoughts on the future of his department.  "It depends on what the future look likes, he said.  He continued, "this is so much bigger than two sports.  This is so much bigger this is about an athletic department budget how our university is going to handle the fall  how are state is handling this issue."

Mr. Apsey was asked if the university has looked at the possible loss of revenue from not playing a Boise State Football season.  He said that including everything, you're looking at a number of between 6-15 million dollars in loses.

On a personal note, we wish the coaches, athletes, and support staff at Boise State the best in these tough times.

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