College Football has changed more in the last two years than in the previous fifty. The sport now pays athletes who can leave a situation whenever they choose. If you questioned the sanity of the transfer portal and name, image, and likeness, you'd better buckle for the expansion of the college football playoff.

The College Football Playoff Committee announced that beginning in 2024, the field of four playoff teams would expand to twelve. Fans can now officially say the regular season in college football doesn't matter. Diehard supporters of the game argued that every game mattered during the Bowl, BCS, and the four-team playoff era. The days of losing one game and being out of the postseason will go the way of the forty-six defense and the wishbone offense.

Proponents of expansion are not wrong that it will bring in more money to the sport. However, the regular season will have less meaning, and why stop at 12? We'll see sixteen or twenty teams in a few years.

Boise State and other Group of Five fans have taken to social media, believing that allowing more teams into the playoff will open up opportunities for them. However, if you look at the current rankings, the Group of Five schools is ranked far outside the top 12. Expanding the field could make it more difficult for non-Power Five schools to reach the top 12.



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