Do you wonder if departed Boise State Offensive Coordinator Tim Plough and former starting quarterback Hank Bachmeier were watching Friday night's Boise State game against San Diego State at the Meridian or Nampa Buffalo Wild Wings?

The same problems that plagued both former Broncos haunted the team the unveiling of the 'new look' Bronco Offense. The offense without Plough and Bachmeier earned the honor of being the first Boise State Football team in 60 games not to score a point during the first half.

Do you think Plough, who took the fall for the underachieving offensive performance, smirked a little while the team failed to run the ball or protect the quarterback? Was Bachmeier enjoying the teriyaki wings as both Taylen Green and Sam Vlidak absorbed hit after hit from the relentless Aztec defensive line? We're sure Hank didn't miss the boos after he was hit too many times while starting at Boise State for four years.

The game could've been worse as the Aztecs failed to throw the football and committed too many penalties settling for two field goals instead of touchdowns. A blocked kick and return pushed the score to 13-0 Aztecs at the end of the first half. The MVP of the first half was the crowd who continued to cheer for a clearly overmatched and outcoached Boise State Football team.

A Different Team Emerges from Halftime

The Broncos showed life in the third quarter, creating an electric touchdown run by Green after an Aztec interception. The team shows life as they force the Aztecs to punt after a three and out. The Broncos, like the Aztec, punted after a three and out.

With the score 13-7 Green once again engineers a drive leading to a Holani score pushing the Broncos to a 14-13 lead in the third quarter scoring after seven plays and sixty seven yards.  Boise State looks like a total different team, while the Aztecs appear lost.

The Bronco Defense knocked the first and second string Aztec quarterbacks.  Without the leadership at that position, their offense sputtered to a halt. On the other hand runs by Holani, Jeantry, and Green powered the Broncos to a win.  In the second half, the Broncos ran the ball for sixteen consecutive plays scoring a total of thirty five unanswered points.


The Broncos next game is next Saturday night at 9:45pm on FS1.

No word on whether Plough and Bachmeier left at halftime or were watching the game.

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