Life is not fair in our everyday existence and especially in the world of college football. We're seeing the end of the underdog roads to prominence that Boise State Football exemplifies. NIL and the transfer portal have replaced love of team and player development. Regrettably, when college football experts reference the Broncos, they use the phrase, 'like Boise State back in the day.'

The days of Chris Petersen and Kellen Moore coming within a failed field goal of playing for the national championship continue to fade in the national memory.

Coach Andy Avalos continues his path to bring the team back to national prominence, and this year's schedule offers the chance for the team to qualify for a New Year's Six Bowl.


Some new foes and familiar faces await the Broncos.

Hard-charging Athletic Director Jeramiah Dickey has continued to raise money while the university recovers from the pandemic. The current scheduling has the team staying West of Mississippi. To some, this Western strategy makes sense economically. Plus, there are a lot of quality teams in the Pac-12 and The Big 12.

However, in the world we live in today, Boise State's Western approach needs to be revised. As we've stated above, life and college football are not fair. The action and attention of the college football world are not in the West but in the East and the South.

YOUTUBE / Fox Sports
YOUTUBE / Fox Sports

It's very rare that powers outside of USC, Oregon, and Oklahoma get the national attention like attracting ESPN's College Gameday visit your campus. The college football world revolves around the big powers such as Alabama, Georgia, Ohio State, and various other teams.

YouTube/Bronco Vision
YouTube/Bronco Vision

Boise State did make the long journey taking on Georgia, Virginia Tech, and Michigan State. Those games that feature Boise State going into the enemy territory drew a national audience of fans wondering whether or not the underdog from way out west can beat the traditional eastern powers. A victory out east, as they say in the SEC, just means more.

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