To the surprise of no one, the NHL preseason game in downtown Boise quickly sold out. Idaho is one of the few states that doesn't have a professional sports team, so fans swarm to get tickets when a pro team comes to town.

The nearest pro team to Boise is over three hundred miles in Salt Lake City, home to the NBA's Utah Jazz. The closest NFL teams are the Seattle Seahawks at just under 500 miles and the Denver Broncos at 814 miles.

NFL Teams That We'd Love To See Play on The Blue

Check out Idaho's favorite NFL Teams that should play a preseason game in Boise.

Boise State's Blue Field is one of the world's most famous sports destinations, so why not hold a preseason game on the Blue? Look at what the Winter Classic has done for the NHL. Sports are now geared towards television; what looks more impressive to the viewer, a half-filled stadium or a sold-out Albertson's Stadium with rapid NFL fans invested in cheering on their team?

Could you imagine how the Treasure Valley would embrace two NFL teams spending a week scrimmaging before a preseason game? Although the NFL is at the top of the heap regarding American sports, imagine how refreshing it would be to see multi-million dollar players interacting with all American Idahoans.

The event would be made for tv as a new generation of fans would get exposed to the Blue Field. Unlike the NFL's Hall of Fame Game, there would have to be a regional interest in the teams that would play in Boise. I don't think many Idahoans would be excited to see the Jacksonville Jaguars take on the Carolina Panthers. However, we did break down which teams would draw the most significant fan reaction to playing in Boise.

Boise State's Blue Field Celebrating 35 years

Boise State's Blue Field

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