One day I hope to provide an attempt at analysis of the new world of college football that we're all living in. For the sake of being relevant, let's take a look at what, if anything, is next for Boise State's future.

With the announcement that Texas and Oklahoma will be moving to the SEC, we all know we're now living at the beginning of the Super Conference Era. The rich will get rich, and schools like Boise State will have to fight harder to gain national recognition. In other words, college football is looking to close the door on the non-blue blood.

I'd recommend you read Don Day's exclusive in the Boise Dev that details Boise State's attempt to figure out their future financially. I'd challenge Mr. Day, respectfully, to figure how significant last year's loss was financially for the blue.

I believe the public would understand just how big a challenge the new administration is facing this year. The Broncos, from the Boise Dev Story, paid a research firm $45,000 to report the obvious. Joining the Pac, whatever it is this week, would be the most beneficial to BSU. We then saw the diminishing returns from possibly joining the AAC or the Big 8.

I don't know if the public knows what BSU faces without the old guard of familiar faces that guided the programs to past success. The Boise Dev reports that the fundraising took a hit well before Covid or Coach Harsin leaving for Auburn. The new team has its hands full, but we'll save the money issue for another day.

Many experts believe the Pac will not take Boise State because of academics, athletics, and lack of big market money. It's not a knock on BSU, and it's a tribute to the work of Gene Bleymaier and, like him or not, Doctor Kustra. Perhaps, BSU would be in the Big 8 if not for the contentious Kustra?

Boise State's next move is to continue to elevate the Mountain West. It would be great to see the AAC team; however, is the juice worth the squeeze of travel and then finding homes for the other sports? Boise State has succeeded by controlling what it can handle. Before I'd continue to drink the consultant Kool-Aid, I'd work on learning from the people who bleed blue.

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