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Thursday will mark the most significant change in college athletics since title nine. Perhaps, something called NIL will be bigger than anything we've ever seen in college athletics. Will July 1st, 2021 be the being beginning of the end of the term student-athlete?  

NIL or name image and likeness is a term used to let college athletes make money while playing for their 'academic institutions. Before NIL, athletes couldn't make money off their playing status if they were currently college athletes. As we first reported here, NIL will now commercialize college athletics.

We'll be seeing current Boise State players appearing at car washes, stores, and other opportunities to be paid an appearance fee. Could you imagine how much money Kellen Moore would've made just by appearing at the Blue and Orange store if NIL was enacted during his time on the Blue?  

The NCAA is expected to authorize NIL Wednesday, says the Washington Post.  The organization has no choice based on eight states authorizing college athletes to be paid and the recent supreme court ruling removing any limits on educational help for student athletes. 

Boise State has announced its plan for pay for play in a news release. The Broncos will be partnering with NOCAP Sports in assisting the athletic department with compliance in this brave new world of pay for play.  

BSU Athletics Director Jeremiah Dickey shared his enthusiasm for the new partnership. "These are exciting times in collegiate athletics, and I am appreciative of the efforts of our associate athletic director for compliance, Matt Brewer, for pulling all of this together before NIL legislation comes to fruition," Dickey said. "Bronco student-athletes will be equipped to immediately capitalize on NIL opportunities as a result of our game-changing partnerships in branding and financial literacy education, and will be assured they are doing things the right way as a result of today's announcement."


NOCAP's CEO spoke about the partnership with Boise State. "There's never been a better time in college sports history for student-athletes to maximize on their name, image and likeness," NOCAP Sports CEO Nicholas Lord said. "We're excited that Boise State's athletic department will be at the forefront of the new NIL era by providing their student-athletes with NOCAP's comprehensive platform, tools and resources to empower them to succeed."  


How does NIL impact the Bronco Nation? You'll have the ability to access your favorite current Bronco without breaking any NCAA regulations. On another note, the Washington Post profiles two Mountain West Basketball players who will be rolling in the revenue thanks to TikTok.

Two Fresno State Women's Basketball team members have TikToked their way to over 27 million views performing something called the chicken wing. Before NIL, they wouldn't be eligible to cash in on their popularity. After Wednesday, the Cavinder twins could be raking in money rivaling Idaho's Dogface.


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