For those who aren’t already aware – Mother’s Day is May 8th this year, just a few days away!

Have you gotten a gift for your mom yet?

Did you even realize that this holiday was coming up?


Well, if you answered no to either of these questions, don’t you worry. We’re all in this together.


But what gift do you get for the woman who always seems to know just what everyone else wants and needs?

It is always so difficult to find a gift for Mother’s Day (at least for myself), because anything my mom wants or needs, she typically goes out and simply buys it herself.

So, when searching for random and unique gift ideas, what better place to look than cute and local boutiques scattered all over downtown Boise?


Listed below are 10 local shops, all within a short distance from one another… so if you don’t find something you love at one, just skip over to the next one!

They are all cute, eclectic and quirky – perfect for whatever type of thoughtful gift you’re looking for.

But make sure you go sooner rather than later, because some of these won’t be open on Sunday morning!

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