Idaho's weather has given Idahoans a rather unusual glimpse at how some parts of the country experience seasons of change. Usually, the weather features a little snow, and then eventually, we're in the triple digits by this time of the year.

However, 2023's weather has featured a variety of every type of weather experiences; our winter season featured a record snowfall that benefitted our ski resorts. Recently Idaho has been hit with thunderstorms, heavy winds, and pelting rain. The weather has been so severe that officials have had to close roads due to flooding and other safety issues.

When severe weather strikes, broadcasters immediately go on air, guiding listeners/viewers on how bad the storm is, where to seek shelter, and sharing the latest on the developing fast, changing weather patterns. However, what happens when you're a broadcaster and lose power or get hit by lighting?

Thankfully, the chances of getting hit by lightning are rare and never happen, except the lightning struck a Boise television station during one of our most recent massive thunderstorms. CBS 2 reported that they were hit by lighting while their meteorologists were on the air serving the public.

Various personalities from the station took to social media to describe their challenge to help the Treasure Valley in a time of need without the ability to broadcast over the air.    







Congratulations to CBS 2 their commitment to serve the Idaho.

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