Chad Daybell's murder trial will take place in Boise at the Ada County Courthouse.  The move was a result of a petition by Daybell's lawyers for a change of venue request due to the excessive publicity in Eastern, Idaho.  The Idaho Supreme Court ruled that Daybell will be coming to town reports the Idaho Statesman.

The constitution guarantees every American a right to a fair and speedy trial. However, how does someone like Chad Daybell accused of murdering his stepchildren and his wife get a fair trial?  

Local and national media have well documented Daybell's crimes. Has anyone inside the Continental United States not heard of what he's accused of doing in Eastern Idaho?  

Chad and Lori Daybell through the years

A look at the deaths of JJ and Tylee and the people accused of killing them.

Daybell's attorneys posed a question to a recent judge who did grant the defendant a change of venue for his upcoming trial. You can read the entire twelve-page filing here. 

KTVB reports that prosecutors will be seeking the death penalty in this case. Judge Boyce has suggested moving the trial to Ada County due to its size, capabilities, and distance from Fremont County. He would like to continue on as the judge in this case instead of turning it over to a local judge here.

As of the date of publication, a trial date has not been set. Wherever the trail takes place will attract a large audience of local, state, and national media. Published reports indicate the trial could take several weeks for a jury to decide Daybell's fate. The case has already drawn attention from all the major networks and their prime time shows.

Daybell's wife, Lori Vallow, has been ruled not mentally fit to stand trial.  KTVB shares the reasons for the decision here: "Based on the progress report the court has received and the information from the Department of Health and Welfare, the court does find and determine at this time that, pursuant to Idaho Code 18-212, the defendant Ms. Vallow is still not competent to proceed with the proceedings in this case," Boyce said.

We'll continue to update you when and where Daybell's trial will be held.  Daybell is currently being held in the Fremont County jail.

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