Yelp was created to grant citizens greater agency in how and where they spend their money.


Driven by customer insight, the platform has the power to make or break a business.

For this reason and a myriad others, users have come to expect a certain level of objectiveness from Yelp reviews along with quality images to weed out potentially disappointing experiences.

In a way, Yelp is sort of like the new Miss Cleo. But instead of warning you of an impending divorce or measures of existential doom, she's steering you away from overpriced steak houses and shoddy plumbers.


Pictures are said to be worth a thousand words. If true, the Yelpers who shared the following 31 images have spoken volumes about the establishments they patronized. And not in a good way, friend.


Awkward angles, poor lighting, a slight blur–all of these are forgivable offenses.


So what's unforgiveable? Thought you'd never ask. Pics of half-eaten plates of food, saliva and gobs of food left on silverware, table trash, and empty dishes that. demonstrate. how. good. the. food. was? Wut.

Like, why, people? Some of these pics are cringey enough to turn me off from great eateries fallen victim to crappy photogs. And that's really the problem here. None of these Yelpers are trying to wreck the businesses they reviewed, but their pics are so grotesque, it's possible they might.

If you're a Yelp user, please–I beg of you–stop sharing gross pics of your half-eaten and spitty entrees.


Boise Yelpers, Please Stop Doing This.

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